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Stainless Steel Welding/Spooling to Procedure with QC

ASME Fabrication Procedure

WPS: AML-1 through AML-12

Application: Stainless steel products, butt weld, pipe to component, component to component etc.

Stainless Steel AML-7

Supporting PQR: AML – 7SS

Qualification Limits:
Diameter (D): Unlimited (ASME Sec. IX QW-452.3)
Fillet: All base metal thickness, all fillet size (ASME Sec. IX QW-202.2)
Base Metal: P. No. 8 Group 1 to P. No. 8 Group 1
Thickness (T): 4.8 mm to 25.4 mm
Filler Metal: GMAW: 309LSi
Qualification Code: ASME Sec. IX

Watch the video below to learn more on how we check welds on metal pipes:

stainless steel welding 1
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stainless steel welding 2
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stainless steel welding 3
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Stainless Steel Welding in Fort St. John

Are you looking for journeymen welders who have the expertise to work on all types of stainless steel?

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