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Equipment Rentals for the Fort St John area

Our prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly crew has the answers to your questions, so you don’t have to lose time researching to learn more about the equipment. If you are looking for a company in Fort St. John that deals with equipment rentals for the oil and gas industry, call us. We keep all of our equipment well serviced, so our crew can deliver it to the site on time, and ready to go. Our equipment is customized to industry standards, and ready to pick up right away. We are dedicated to providing complete customer satisfaction and maintaining an ongoing relationship with our clients. We specialize in portable flare knockout units. Check us out.


Flare knockout drum is a vessel used in the flare header, which removes and accumulates the liquids that are condensed from the relief gases. Flare knockout drum, also known as a vapour-liquid separator or knock-out pot, forms the primary component of a pressure-relief arrangement used in oil and gas industries.

Flare Knockout Drum Design and Configuration

We have nine units in our fleet of portable flare knockout units.  All designs are Engineered, inspected and certified for field use.

Access Mfg

Contact Access Manufacturing Ltd. for Tank Rentals


Ready to rent? If so, contact Access Manufacturing Ltd. today by using our e-form or by giving us a call at 250-785-5578 for rentals and availability.

Need to Rent Equipment in Fort St. John?

Our units are clean and ready to go with SWP and Operating Manuals

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